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Remote Work is Here to Stay—Are You Ready?

The global COVID-19 pandemic has turned just about everyone into a remote worker, relying on video collaboration for at least some of the time. ...
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How to Enable Remote Work—Now

In normal times, moving to a work-from-home model is no small feat. But in this new reality, it can feel like you're Sisyphus pushing his boulder up ...
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AV Forecast Calls For Cloud Collaboration

“The cloud” is a familiar part of our everyday tech jargon—plenty of people have photos, PC backups and important documents stored on the cloud, ...
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Web Conferencing vs. Webcasting: Which Is Better For You?

In the modern collaborative era, just about everyone is familiar with web conferencing. Using your phone and content sharing software on your ...
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Consider Sound Masking for Your Organization

With loads of stress and a looming deadline, you put on your best do-not-disturb face and dive into work. Laughter, grumblings about traffic, and ...
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3 Keys to Choosing the Right Meeting Room Display

If you’ve ever been forced to sit so close to a large display that you can’t take in the entire view, you know that size matters. A display that is ...
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5 Ways the Right Meeting Room Technologies Benefit Workers

Once you’ve gone through all the trouble of choosing just the right mics, cameras, and displays for your meeting spaces, you’ve made a significant ...
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Choosing the Best Video Camera for Your Meeting Room

When meeting participants at different locations have important ideas to communicate, video conferencing is the way to go. You can see facial ...
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