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The Robots Are Coming: AI in Healthcare

Hospital gowns have changed little over the years, but a lot of other things about hospitals have—like patients who don’t care about the back of ...
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Using Technology to Ease the Global Health Care Shortage

The world has a shortage of healthcare workers right now but by 2030, that shortfall could reach 15 million. Technology will play a big role in how ...
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How Live Video Can Save Retail Stores

There has been much lamenting about the decline of large retail centers and in-person shopping, and not without reason. For example, foot traffic in ...
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Here's How Higher Ed Can Make the Most of Cloud Video

You may have heard that the use of cloud-based video is on the rise in the business world, but universities and colleges are also taking advantage of ...
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AV Forecast Calls For Cloud Collaboration

“The cloud” is a familiar part of our everyday tech jargon—plenty of people have photos, PC backups and important documents stored on the cloud, ...
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Web Conferencing vs. Webcasting: Which Is Better For You?

In the modern collaborative era, just about everyone is familiar with web conferencing. Using your phone and content sharing software on your ...
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Choosing the Best Video Camera for Your Meeting Room

When meeting participants at different locations have important ideas to communicate, video conferencing is the way to go. You can see facial ...
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3 Ways to User-Proof Meeting Rooms For Better Group Work

Sometimes technology is hard to use, but oftentimes, users just don’t know what they’re doing. One recent study finds that only a third of adults can ...
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Choose the Right Technology To Avoid Downsides to Collaboration

How to Avoid the Downside of Collaboration Collaboration is one of the hottest business buzzwords there is. From open floor plans to video ...
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