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Overcome the Audio Challenges of Social Distance with Contactless Communication

Social distancing brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t just impacted the way we interact with our friends and family—it has also changed the way education and work is conducted. School and workplace layouts have been modified with increased space between individuals, plexiglass barriers, masks, and other measures to keep everyone healthy and safe.

Even as vaccines are distributed and health outcomes improve, many of these measures will stay with us for the foreseeable future, and organizations must continue to adapt their business and services. In this webinar from Williams AV, you will learn about applications for contactless communication solutions that can help you overcome the communications challenges presented by social distancing.  

Every Industry Faces Audio Challenges Caused by Social Distancing  

There are many audio applications where the restrictions of social distance, mask wearing, and barriers present communication challenges. These include:  

  • Healthcare delivery, where doctors and patients need to communicate clearly and without misunderstandings.
  • Classrooms, where in-person students and teachers are often far apart from each other and where some students may be participating remotely.
  • Corporate meetings and trainings, many of which now take place in large spaces such as cafeterias and common rooms not designed for high-quality audio delivery.
  • Courtrooms, where clear communication between multiple parties, including attorneys and judges, attorneys and clients, clients and interpreters, and attorneys and juries is required.

The right audio solutions for these applications will not only make communication clear and easy. They will also support the requirements of social distancing while also overcoming the challenges it presents. The right solution will also help organizations of all kinds maintain ADA compliance in any environment.


Contactless Communication from Williams AV Improves Audio Anywhere  

In this webinar, experts from Williams AV will share information about their Digi-Wave touchless communication solution and review the best applications for it. Features of the Digi-Wave solution include:

  • Full two-way audio communication between multiple parties
  • Multiple units that can be combined for large groups or divided for smaller ones
  • Secured and encrypted communication
  • Frequency hopping to avoid interference
  • Lightweight and hands-free operation
  • PPE compatible

To learn more from the experts at Williams AV and their solutions for contactless communication in the age of social distancing, register for our webinar today.

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