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How to Choose the Right Mic for Your Meeting Room

You have the opportunity to close the deal on a call, but when your team sits down in the huddle room, all you have to capture the voices at your end ...
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3 Ways to User-Proof Meeting Rooms For Better Group Work

Sometimes technology is hard to use, but oftentimes, users just don’t know what they’re doing. One recent study finds that only a third of adults can ...
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4 Ways to Strengthen Cybersecurity at Your Organization

PSNI Cybersecurity Part 2 It may be an old country love song made famous by Willie Nelson, but “Always on My Mind,” could just as easily be a song ...
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Quantifying the Economic Impact of Trust in the Workplace

If you search the term "Return on investment" (ROI), Google will yield about 330 million results. Almost every substantial business purchase requires ...
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Internet of Things: Can You Reap the Rewards without the Risk?

In June of 2016, a hacker spied on private meetings of a Canadian political party. He did this by accessing the video conferencing system, which ...
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Does Your AV Integrator Focus on Outcomes?

7 Reasons to Work with a PSNI AV Integrator Whether you’re upgrading a meeting room, enhancing broadcast capabilities in your house of worship, or ...
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Proof that Disengaged Employees Are Dangerous to Your Business

One common assumption made by business owners and principals is that if the client pays the bill and signs off on the work performed, then they are ...
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10 Ways PSNI Affiliates Are Raising The Bar For Their Businesses

In June of 1986, a group of AV dealers met in Chicago to discuss some shared business concerns. The result of the meeting—led by John Fuchs of Video ...
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