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Engage Patients with Streaming Content

Even a short wait at a doctor’s office can seem like an eternity and, according to a recent study by Vitals, as wait time increases patient ...
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The Robots Are Coming: AI in Healthcare

Hospital gowns have changed little over the years, but a lot of other things about hospitals have—like patients who don’t care about the back of ...
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Using Technology to Ease the Global Health Care Shortage

The world has a shortage of healthcare workers right now but by 2030, that shortfall could reach 15 million. Technology will play a big role in how ...
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Web Conferencing vs. Webcasting: Which Is Better For You?

In the modern collaborative era, just about everyone is familiar with web conferencing. Using your phone and content sharing software on your ...
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10 Ways to Get the Most Value out of a Service Call

Your workload is heavy—packed with both long-term projects and putting out fires. IT departments tackle everything from strategic work to help desk ...
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7 Audio Trends to Watch in 2018

If you’re old enough to remember transitioning from buying music on cassette tapes to buying compact discs (CDs), you’ve seen (and heard) how digital ...
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Consider Sound Masking for Your Organization

With loads of stress and a looming deadline, you put on your best do-not-disturb face and dive into work. Laughter, grumblings about traffic, and ...
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