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PSNI Global Alliance Opens Supersummit Event to the Public for the First Time Ever

PSNI-hosted end-user panel goes live on Thursday, February 21

For the first time ever, PSNI Global Alliance is opening its Supersummit event to the public.  The global integrator network giant, which has organized the traditionally member-exclusive event for the past 12 years, announced today that anyone can tune in to its end-user panel on Thursday, February 21 via Facebook Live.  

Supersummit is the premier event for PSNI Global Alliance and is held exclusively for the frontline managers in sales, integration, marketing and technical support of the PSNI member network.  This two-day event includes keynotes, breakout sessions and panels from some of the top, most sought-after speakers in the world. This will be the 12th, and largest, Supersummit to date.

“Every year, we get so many requests from people outside our network to attend Supersummit,” said PSNI Global Alliance Director of Marketing, Hailey Klein.  “We are very proud to hold this summit exclusively for our members but also know that everyone in our industry can benefit from a true, no holds barred conversation with end-users.  That’s why we’re trying something different this year. We’re putting the technology to use and opening up one of our best panels so that everyone can learn from these customers.”

PSNI Global Alliance has partnered with its Preferred Vendor Partners in order to make this live stream event happen. The end-user panel will be streamed via Facebook Live at 10:00ET//15:00GMT on Thursday, Febraury 21, 2019.  For more information or to register for the event, please visit http://pages.psni.org/2019-supersummit-facebook-live.  The public may also follow along with everything happening throughout the entire 2-day event by following the hashtag, #PSNI2019 on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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