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Safely Transmit Power and Data with Digital Electricity™ Cables

Buildings are getting smarter, but that also means they are using more power than ever before. And as social distancing guidelines require businesses to spread out their employees and equipment, they also have to transmit that power and data over longer and longer distances.

VoltServer has invented and patented a new way to distribute more power more efficiently, called Digital Electricity™. In this webinar Belden, a manufacturer of networking, connectivity, and cable products and VoltServer will team up to give you all the insight you need into this new market solution.

Why Digital Electricity Could Be the Low Voltage Power Solution You Need

Digital Electricity combines energy and data into energy packets, and then transfers hundreds of packets a second from a transmitter unit to a receiver. The benefits of Digital Electricity cable technology include:

  • Long transmission distances. Reliable power and data transmission across extended distances makes it ideal for large venues including convention centers, hospitals, and office towers.
  • Safe power transmission. Digital Electricity cables transmit “pulses” of DC power. Data-sensing transmitters monitor line conditions to make sure power pulses and properly received.
  • Lower-cost networks. With no conduit or armored cabling required, and no need for an electrician to install the cables, Digital Electricity is a cost-effective option.
  • Better management and control. Embedded data capabilities for energy management, monitoring, and control means Digital Electricity technology can be used to remotely power and back up your systems.
  • Installation versatility and flexibility. Digital Electricity can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications and the stranded design means performance isn’t impacted during installation.

Belden and VoltServer Share Everything You Need to Know about Digital Electricity

In this webinar, Belden and VoltServer will outline everything you need to know about Digital Electricity, including:

  • What makes Digital Electricity different from other power distribution options
  • The infrastructure required to support Digital Electricity, including cable requirements
  • How Digital Electricity can increase installation speed, reduce equipment costs, and reduce labor expenses
  • Whether Digital Electricity is a good match for your use case
  • How Belden and VoltServer work together to deliver everything you need for Digital Electricity

Ready to learn whether Digital Electricity is the right fit for your use case? Register for our webinar today.



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