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PSNI Launches New PSNI.ORG Website


New website designed to be a resource for end-users, affiliates and preferred vendor partners.

Professional Systems Network (PSNI) is not just another organization. PSNI is a partnership, an alliance of technology experts committed to delivering exceptional experiences for our clients and their end users. Making it possible to deliver enterprise solutions not always possible by single location companies. With the debut of the new WWW.PSNI.ORG website, PSNI hones in on that partnership that it calls, “The Power of The Network”.

The new PSNI website is designed with the end user in mind, focusing on their needs and the benefits that are provided to them by working with a PSNI technology solution provider, commonly referred to as a PSNI affiliate.

“Our goal for the new website was to focus on PSNI’s message and demonstrate the trust, accountability and community of our partners,” said PSNI Executive Director, Chris Miller.  “We wanted to give end users the information they need to access the best solution providers in the AV industry and demonstrate our capabilities to others who are interested in joining our network.”

New features on the PSNI website include:

Affiliate Map

The affiliate map offers end-users a single location to find more information on any of PSNI’s 30+ affiliates and 90+ locations throughout North America. With the ability to sort by location, end-users have a simplified means to find the affiliate that is most convenient for them to work with.


PSNI’s blog section offers end-users a combination of affiliate news, thought leadership articles, audiovisual tutorials and preferred vendor partner product information to receive first-hand access to the latest trends in the industry.

Project Showcase

Access real projects by PSNI affiliates and preferred vendor partners in the project showcase section. Search by vertical marketplace, solution provided, or search by featured technology partner, in order to get a true example of what our affiliates are capable of.

Featured Tech Partner

An area to display the latest preferred vendor partner technology in a real-life situation.  This section demonstrates the ultimate example of PSNI affiliates and preferred vendor partners working together.

“The PSNI network demonstrates knowledge, community, standards and strength across North America,” said Miller. “The website is just one more way PSNI can deliver and communicate in this great new age of communication and collaboration.”

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