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PSNI Introduces New PVP Council

New Council Provides New Initiatives to PSNI

Professional Systems Network International (PSNI) is pleased to announce the appointment of it’s preferred vendor partner (PVP) council.  The PVP council will work alongside the PSNI board of directors to develop and implement new initiatives and programs for the PSNI network alliance.

“We are thrilled to have seen the incredible momentum our Preferred Vendor Program has gained since it’s inception in 2003,” said Tom Roberts, Executive Director of PSNI.  “The PVP council is the reflection of new energy and drive of PSNI.  With these newly appointed leaders, we feel we will be able to fulfill and continue our mission to provide excellence among our network.”

Six PVP’s have been selected to be on the council:

  • Belden: Director of Sales and Channel, Elizabeth Stephan
  • Biamp: Sales Development Director, Chris Chandler
  • Kramer: President and CEO, Steve Beigacki
  • Milestone: Vice President of US Sales, Jay Rohe
  • Samsung: Senior Manager of Sales, David Hutton
  • Synnex: Vice President of Sales, Tommy Plumer

The PSNI PVP council will meet with the board of directors to discuss and deliberate on initiatives, programs and other matters throughout the year.

Under the advisement of PSNI’s board of directors and appointed PVP council, the network will be well-positioned to increase market-share opportunities, provide broader service offering recommendations, develop new educational and financial incentive programs and more.

“Our expectations are that by continuing to have contact with a constant flow of talented and engaged vendor representatives, in addition to our board of directors, we will continue to bring value and relevancy to both our affiliates and PVPs,” said Roberts.  “Thinking productively and embracing change is what makes PSNI a leader in this industry.”

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