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PSNI Global Alliance Awards Neurilink and ClarkPowell ‘Best Places to Work in AV for 2017’


PSNI Global Alliance, a network of independent AV/IT integrators and service providers throughout the world, awarded Neurilink and ClarkPowell the “Best Places to Work in AV” award based off key metrics provided by PSNI-exclusive Employee Engagement Survey. This was the third annual survey PSNI has conducted amongst its North American Affiliates.

The PSNI internal Employee Engagement survey focused on three specific objectives to obtain its 2017 results:

  • Measure overall level of employee engagement within the network
  • Identify work attributes that are most responsible for driving employee engagement
  • Understand employee perceptions in areas such as leadership, work relationships (employee to supervisor and employee to co-worker), culture, growth, and opportunity

Based off the results of these metrics, PSNI awarded Clark Powell “‘The Best Place to Work in AV’ with over 50 employees” while Neurilink was the recipient of “’The Best Place to Work in AV’ with under 50 employees” award.

“Industry strengths lie in the fact that employees really like the type of work they do and most find that their personal values and the values expressed by the organization are in sync,” stated PSNI Global Alliance executive director, Chris Miller.  “ClarkPowell and Neurilink have thoroughly demonstrated their effectiveness in helping employees continue to feel connected to the organization to keep their engagement strong.”

PSNI Global Alliance is a firm advocate of employee engagement and employee development. The Employee Engagement survey establishes a benchmark amongst the network.  A total of 2600 employees responded to the 2017 survey and is the only one of its kind within the AV industry.

For more information on PSNI if you are interested in becoming a PSNI Global Alliance member, please contact Chris Miller at cmiller@psni.org.

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