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PSNI Global Alliance Announces New Global Services Certification

PSNI Global Alliance, the global network of premier technology integrators and service providers is ramping up its worldwide mission for AV services excellence with the introduction of its Global Services Certification.

In response to a recent worldwide survey of its Certified Solution Providers (CSPs) and following the success of its Global Deployment Certification, The Alliance is excited to introduce this new certification - responding to the need for streamlined, standardized and common support mechanisms on a global scale.

This certification establishes a baseline of excellent AV support and key principles for service collaboration between PSNI’s Certified Solution Providers. Service Certification is intended for roles and positions within an organization which have responsibility for managing, offering or delivering post-sales support services.

Chris Miller, executive director at PSNI, spoke of the benefits that this latest certification will bring: “We want our CSPs, partners and end-users to know that they are receiving the highest standard of service, wherever they are in the world.”

He adds: “This certification is the natural evolution of our growing network. Services is the future for any business - it keeps customers coming through the door and provides integrators an opportunity to delight their customers and give them an incredible and consistent experience. Our global clients demand a consistently high level of expertise, and The Alliance seeks to standardize its approach across the network to ensure these standards are delivered.”

Service Certified CSPs will follow common methods of communication, provide timely responses to request for support and represent themselves, source CSPs and PSNI to the very best standards.

With a comprehensive Service Handbook to detail the basics of excellent AV service and guidelines for service collaboration, The Alliance seeks to build trust and confidence in the network and for end-users around the globe.

Miller concludes: “As the world’s businesses reload after COVID, we are helping to ensure that our CSPs and partners, and their customers, receive the highest levels of support in the industry. This latest certification brings is one more way we can bring peace of mind that those standards are met.”

To date, PSNI Global Alliance represents 200 licensed service and integration offices around the globe, tipping the scales in 50 countries spanning across 6 continents making it the largest global network of audiovisual integrators covering the largest geographical area in the world.

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