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Member Spotlight: PAVE System Pte Ltd

In 1998, Leonardo Dicaprio became a worldwide phenomenon thanks to the movie Titanic, Larry Page and Sergey Brin became the most famous tech pros in the world thanks to the incorporation of Google, and PAVE System Pte Ltd opened its doors in Singapore as a premier provider of audiovisual system design, project management, supply, installation services, AV system integration, testing and commissioning, and service support.

A PSNI member since 2017, PAVE has nearly 3,000 AV integration projects in its portfolio, and today operates additional offices including regions such as Malaysia and Indonesia.


PAVE System’s Good Reputation Speaks for Itself

Today, PAVE System is one of the leading system integrators and distributors in the professional audio, visual, control, collaboration solutions, unified communication, and digital signage business, said Jeffrey Lim, Managing Director at PAVE.

“We are proud of our track records and continue to trailblaze the way ahead for the industry,” he said.

PAVE operates under the motto “creating experiences in sight and sound,” and works hard to tailor each solution to the needs of the specific environment where it will be deployed. The company has worked on a variety of landmark projects around Southeast Asia, including auditoriums and theatres, collaboration spaces, interactive public spaces, and houses of worship.

PAVE has also implemented projects with fellow PSNI Global Alliance members Level 3 AV and DataVision Deutschland.

PAVE’s great work all around the world has earned them plenty of accolades and attention. Just in the past year, PAVE received the Top Overall Projector Partner Excellence Award from Epson Singapore, the Top Growth Award from Samsung Asia, and the Outstanding Commercial Audio Performance Award from Yamaha Music (Asia). 

A member of AVIXA since 2018, PAVE holds one CTS certification as well as several ISO certifications.

The Right AV Solutions Make Life Easier—and PAVE System Has Them

Like many other leaders in the audiovisual industry, PAVE has long been aware of the increasing overlap between AV and IT, and the company is well-positioned and prepared to take advantage of the new chances for growth that overlap provides.

“The industry transformation to more IT-centric solutions has brought about greater market opportunities, especially in the collaboration solutions, IPTV/digital signage, AV streaming and recording,” said Jeffrey. “We are ready to deploy whatever types of solutions any of our customers need. PAVE System’s business is all about solving people’s problems and making life easier for everyone.”

You can learn more about PAVE System Pte Ltd here.

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Thank you, PAVE System Pte Ltd, for being our Member of the Week!

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