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Member Spotlight: Neurilink

Boise, Idaho-based audiovisual integrator Neurilink has one simple mission: to be the top customer choice AV partner in the Northwest. And they are working hard to achieve it.

Neurilink was named a Top 50 Systems Integrator by SCN Magazine in both 2018 and 2019. They were also included on Commercial Integrator’s list of Fastest Growing Companies in AV in 2019 and were named one of the best places to work in AV in 2017 by the PSNI Global Alliance.

The company became a PSNI member in 2015, and the PSNI Global Alliance has also been key to Neurilink’s growth, both in the Northwest region of the United States and around the nation. Neurilink has collaborated on AV installation projects and after-market support with other PSNI members including Data Projections, HB Communications, Conference Technologies Inc., Genesis Integration, Alpha Video, Delta AV, TEL Systems (formerly Thalner Electronic Labs), Tierney Brothers, The Audio Visual Company, Allen Visual Systems, ClarkPowell, Spinitar, and iVideo Technologies.

“It is impossible to single out one most memorable meeting or event or project,” said Mike Fornander, CEO and owner of Neurilink. “For us, the best part of PSNI is the years spent with individuals from both affiliate partners and PVPs, building true and lasting friendships. We may not see each other every day, but these are individuals that have come to truly care about each other, each other’s families, and the business that we can do together.”


Neurilink Aims to Let Customers Communicate How and Where They Prefer

Neurilink completes about 400 projects a year, Mike said, and they all have the same goal: to use cutting edge audio and visual tools to connect people and allow them to learn and communicate in the ways they prefer.

“Prior to getting into the audiovisual industry back in 1998, I was a 5th grade teacher, as well as a technology coordinator in the Independent School District of Boise City,” Mike said. “This educational background has always permeated the DNA and culture that we have developed here at Neurilink. The name Neurilink comes from the multiple learning styles embraced in our educational systems and corporate environments. These are all part of the “neuro” system, and we are linking these modalities of visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners and communicators.”

For every project, Neurilink zeroes in on the latest tools, platforms, and technologies that will meet the current and future needs of their customers.

“We believe in this industry you are always learning,” Mike said. “This currently comes in the form of learning new products, learning new programming, learning how to improve a process that is not as efficient as it could be. The key to our future success is to continue this mindset, think on our feet, learn from the market as it shifts, and refine our solutions to meet the new norms.”

AV is Innovating, and Audiovisual Integrators Have to Embrace It to Succeed

Learning from the market is especially important now, Mike said, as global health concerns will have a long-lasting—and perhaps permanent—impact on where and how work gets done in office environments. As the way people work shifts, new tools for the “new” modern workplace will emerge, he said, and integrators will have to keep up with that innovation and work to understand and incorporate new AV innovations into their customer offerings. 

“We foresee customers’ needs in their current spaces changing,” Mike said. “The prior years of trending to smaller meeting spaces will subside. We predict a transition to larger spaces, providing social distancing for all local participants. Quality collaboration and connectivity will be a must in these spaces as well, to include the work from home population of employees that will need the same level of experience as those present in the meeting space. We will need to immerse ourselves into customers’ organizational planning and space layout changes and continue to be a trusted partner to assist in equipping these new spaces with the right technology solutions and standards.”

You can learn more about Neurilink here.

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Thank you, Neurilink, for being our Member of the Week!

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