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You Could be Managing Your Digital Signage Remotely. Here’s How

As more and more people have moved to remote work over the past several months, staying connected has become more critical—and challenging—than ever. Not only do team members have to find ways to stay in touch with each other while working in different locations, employees now also must manage audiovisual assets remotely as well.

For example, your teams may be working off-site, but there are still digital signage displays in your lobby that need to be maintained and updated with current content. The solution is a cloud-connected experience that provides real-time player access anytime from anywhere. By connecting remotely to your digital signage system, you can easily and seamlessly manage updates and network management no matter where you are.

To learn more about using cloud connected devices to manage digital signage applications, register for our upcoming webinar today.


Learn How to Manage Digital Signage Remotely Straight from the Experts

The webinar, scheduled for May 6, will cover the benefits of cloud-connected devices for player access, real-time player health and network management, and performance information and controls. Other topics that will be covered include:

  • Setting up a network of players as connected devices in the cloud
  • Provisioning players individually or in mass
  • Comprehensive remote monitoring of players
  • Logging, snapshots, rebooting and re-provisioning devices, local storage access, and monitor EDID information

At the May 6 webinar, BrightSign, the market leader in digital signage media players, will be presenting on these topics, as well as introducing their BSN.cloud solution, a free subscription included with every BrightSign player that delivers cloud connectivity for real-time player control from anywhere using the new remote diagnostic web server, as well as simple setup and provisioning features. You can register for the webinar here


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