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Learn How to Reopen Offices Safely with These Intelligent Tech Solutions

It takes a lot to reopen offices safely in the age of COVID-19. Employers need plans for enhanced cleaning protocols, enforcing social distancing at work, and accommodating both in-person and remote workers in a way that keeps everyone happy and productive.

Companies also need an effective way to communicate with employees—wherever they are—about what to expect as offices reopen.

Audio visual technology solutions can play a key role in remaking the corporate work experience, in both familiar and non-traditional ways. In this on demand webinar, Bosch Communications will share how their security, safety, and communications technology can help address the challenges of coming back to the office.

Flexible, Advanced Technology Keeps Employees Safe and Connected

More than ever, today’s buildings need to provide a safe and secure environment for employees and be flexible and advanced enough to respond to changing and evolving needs and requirements. Bosch Communications and their technology partners use innovative solutions to help redefine people’s relationships with the buildings where they work.

Technology from Bosch can help you:

  • Anticipate: Advanced building technologies can help you anticipate your needs and challenges so they can deliver the exact service you need.
  • Be sustainable: Use and manage your spaces more efficiently while extending the flexibility and lifespan of your technology solutions.
  • Inspire: Develop value-add, innovative ideas with data-driven tools.

Solutions such as public announcement systems can help you share critical information with employees throughout your office space, and intelligent video security can help keep your spaces safe and secure, including keeping track of who is coming and going and enforcing rules such as mask wearing and sanitizing.

Advanced AV tools can also help reduce common touchpoints and other interactions that can spread germs. For example, sensor-driven technologies can turn on video conferencing systems as soon as someone walks into a meeting room, instead of everyone touching the same screen to launch a meeting.

Tools to Meet the Challenge of Creating a Safe Office Environment

Bosch Security and Safety Systems encompasses several different brands, each designed to meet individual and specific needs. In this on demand webinar, Bosch will review the different products and solutions that can help you meet the challenge of creating and maintaining a safe working environment for employees today and in the future.

Don’t miss out on this expert advice! Register to watch the webinar today.



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