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Hybrid Work Models are the Future. Here’s How to Prepare for Them

As employees get back to work around the world, things are anything but business as usual. Companies and organizations in every sector, including corporate, education, and government are faced with many new realities about how work gets done.

The new reality is that employees are working from anywhere—and probably will be for a while to come. That means companies need to respond with audio visual and other technology solutions that support those employees no matter where they are.  

In this upcoming webinar you’ll hear PSNI Preferred Vendor Partner Synnex Corporation and its partner T1V talk about the best tools and solutions to support the new hybrid work model, where employees are splitting their time between working from home and working at the office.

What Solutions Do You Need for a Successful Hybrid Work Model?  

The webinar will include a presentation from Craig Kenney, lead engineer at Synnex Corporation, who will discuss the current progression in video conferencing from standards-based systems to software-based systems. He will also discuss options for video conferencing systems that can receive meeting invitations from third-party platforms.  

Paul Patrick, VP at T1V, will give an overview of products from his company that support the new hybrid work model. These products include collaboration solutions that can be leveraged by blended teams to improve outcomes and workflows while creating a unified experience for all team members regardless of where they are working.

Synnex and T1V have never been more excited about the future of work, and you’ll be pretty excited too once you hear what they have to say. If you are ready to reshape the way your organization thinks about collaboration, teamwork, and workspaces, register for the webinar today.  

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