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Deploying Globally? Avoid these Technology Mistakes

Doing business internationally is easier than ever thanks to email, web conferencing, and other resources that are literally at your fingertips. However, going global still has its challenges. In fact, technology can simultaneously help and hinder expansion efforts because different locations can present technology pros with various sets of standards and expectations.

Fortunately, there are ways to overcome some of the most common obstacles organizations face when going global.

Technology Standards Vary by Location

Environments and standards may vary by location for everything from voltage and outlet types to automation best practices, as well as safety and green building codes. There’s a lot to know regarding the constantly evolving audiovisual industry anyway, but it gets even more complicated when you add location requirements to the mix.

The solution is to join forces with an AV systems integrator that has experience working in the country of your project. They’ll understand the local technology standards and compliance requirements and how to create the best outcome for the best value—while reducing your burden as an technology professional.   

Language and Pricing Differences Cause Confusion

The cost to purchase and install an AV system can differ by country, especially when it comes to VAT—Value Added Taxes—which is a consumption tax assessed on the value added to goods and services. Factor in multiple languages and you increase the risk of miscommunication and delays.

Establishing a relationship with an AV integrator who knows how to navigate these tricky areas can help improve communication and reduce friction. They can work with you to determine the AV spend—and ways to maximize your budget—based on the countries in which you’re planning AV projects. They’ll also be fluent in the local language to ensure your project installation and integration goes smoothly.

Take Your Technology Projects Global the Easy Way

PSNI Global Alliance has created a unique program that addresses all systems integration challenges when companies improve and expand their presence anywhere in the world. The PSNI Global Deployment Certification prepares and certifies integration firms to work with clients and other integrators around the world so they can deliver consistent, high-quality results by using the same standards and best practices. They also hold each other accountable through peer reviews to ensure all integration teams meet or exceed customer expectations. A PSNI Global Deployment Service and Oversight Committee also assesses projects to make sure integrators adhere to the PSNI Global Deployment process.

Find the Right AV Integrator

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