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CSP Spotlight: Baker AV

Ever since opening its doors in 1953, Baker Audio Visual has been at the forefront of audio and visual innovation—and a key player in many of the major events in its hometown of Atlanta, Georgia.

In 1965, Baker AV installed the first-ever, talent-facing monitor speaker for The Beatles’ (yes, those Beatles) tour stop in Atlanta. In 1987, Baker AV implemented airport-wide communication and emergency systems at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. And in 2017, Baker AV was a majority integrator at the most innovative NFL stadium of its kind, Mercedes Benz Stadium.    


But one of the most exciting things to happen to Baker AV? Becoming a certified solution provider of the PSNI Global Alliance a little over a year ago.

“We were the little fish in a big pond, but we knew that we had something to offer. We are so grateful that the PSNI community saw that value, and we were pleasantly surprised that this little old AV company with over 68 years of experience was welcomed with open arms into one of the most recognizable AV communities in the world!” said Dave Davis, executive vice president at Baker AV. “In mere weeks after acceptance into PSNI, the world was facing down one of the biggest global crises that most of us have experienced in our lifetime. We have been blessed to have the resources that being a member of PSNI has afforded us to help navigate the challenges that lie ahead for us.”

Focusing on What They Do Best Created Baker AV’s Legacy of Success

Though the world has changed since Harry Baker opened a small Hi-Fi retailer in downtown Atlanta, the company’s core commitment and values have not.

“Since 1953, we have maintained a core competency and focus on audio and video related fields,” Davis said. “We are the longest standing audiovisual integrator in Atlanta, proving our long-term commitment to our clients and industry partners. At points throughout Baker’s history, we have adopted technologies that complement our core audiovisual business without ever losing sight of our core competencies. We know what our strengths are and what they are not.”

Those strengths are audio and video designs, builds, integrations, and long-term support in markets including corporate interiors, healthcare, higher education, government facilities, sporting arenas, and houses of worship. Whatever the project, Baker is committed to doing the job right—and doing right by their clients.

“No matter what that takes, we will never sacrifice our integrity at the expense of our clients,” Davis said. “That’s the Baker AV difference.”

Another Baker AV difference? The company is owned 100 percent by the employees, who all share the same commitment to excellence.

“We will keep striving to live up to our legacy, keep being proud, and simply keep doing great work,” Davis said.

PSNI’s Commitment to Excellence Prepares Certified Solution Providers for the Future of AV

A commitment to excellence no matter what is more important than ever as the AV landscape continues to shift and change.

“We believe that the future of AV will continue to be a rollercoaster of product, platform, design, and integration evolution,” Davis said. “The pace of change will excite some but could become a daunting task to others who are just trying to keep up. What we must never lose sight of is our integrity as an industry. That is a tough task based on the rate of change required by the markets. But I am excited for the changes that are at our door today and for the ones that will show up tomorrow.”

You can learn more about Baker AV here.

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Thank you, Baker AV, for being featured here in the CSP Spotlight!

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